Black Balsam Knob Loop. On the ridge I met once again Ian and Foxy. BoobOnARock says: July 27, 2017 at 4:35 pm. Winding Stair Gap to Wayah Bald Shelter ( What the hell was I thinking?) Reviews / Comments. Our longest day since leaving Franklin was 13 miles. The starting elevation was 3,690 feet, and we finished at 4,712 feet. OK, very jealous here. He was quite a character, who claimed to be a former pro wrestler – he visited Martinez, Stockton, and LA in California during his pro career. 3.9 mi 6.3. Roughly 16 miles into this segment, you'll reach the 5,500' summit of Standing Indian Mountain, the highest point along the Nantahala River, and the highest point on the Appalachian Trail thus far. Siler Bald via Winding Stair Gap. The peak elevation for this section was 5,342 with lots of ups and downs along the way. Begin with a waterfall and end with stunning views on this 8.7 mile section of the AT in North Carolina. I’ve been there many times and it’s rare I’m the only one in the parking lot. On weekends and holidays it’s not uncommon to see license plates from our neighboring states, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Winding Stair Gap is a popular place for locals, day hikers and section hikers. Summit. Darwin and I took our time packing up camp and eating breakfast then headed out towards Winding Stair Gap. We were packed up and ready for the return shuttle to Winding Stair Gap before 9:00. My knee started giving me trouble a little before we reached the Wayah Bald fire tower, so we took an abnormally long break there (of course I didn't tell the Ks I was having knee pain because they would've been worried - I just told them my old bones were creaking and I needed to rest). Winding Stair Gap and US 64. North America Plate Tectonic Plate. The primary coordinates for Winding Stair Gap places it within the NC 28734 ZIP Code delivery area.. Maps, Driving Directions & Local Area Information How To Measure Winding Stairs for Carpet Runners. I mean, seriously! Rocky Bald via Burningtown Gap. Great way to start off a trail day! County. You can go as fast as your courage allows! From the top of the ridge I could see U.S. Highway 64, which is where I was headed. Occasionally you’ll find a car from more distant states, like Ohio, Maryland and Florida. Granulite-facies rocks in the thermal axis of Paleozoic (Taconic) metamorphism are exposed in southwestern North Carolina in a 370-m-long road-cut at Winding Stair Gap. The WINDING STAIR GAP roadcut is exposed on U.S. Hwy. The trail passes by a campsite at 0.9 miles and reaches 4100 foot Swinging Lick Gap at 1.2 miles. Our largest, this suite is on the terrace level with a private entrance and French doors to your own patio space. Comments for from winding stair gap (0) Information. Just hiking to this landmark provides a shorter 1-2 day hike from Dicks Creek Gap Road, with a large shelter 4.5 miles out from the trailhead. Winding Stair Gap is a gap in Georgia and has an elevation of 3186 feet. Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions: Notable Places in the Area . Hiking the AT – Winding Stair Gap Waterfall / Wayah Bald. Jun 3, 2015 - It’ll never be the same again. 64, in Macon County, North Carolina. Other Regions, Features and Areas containing this locality. 4) Winding Stair Gap -- This is where the AT crosses US64 at the top of the big hill coming out of Franklin (9.8 miles from overpass) just past large rock cut. There's not many places in the area where you can enjoy nearly four miles of uninterrupted descending. And that’s what makes Winding S… I glanced back at Momma Puma a couple of times. A large parking area for about twenty cars is located where the AT first meets US 64. … It is an easy place to access the Trail, with parking lot, etc. The day started off cool and beautiful. Low point or opening between hills or mountains or in a ridge or mountain range. “Welcome back” I heard the woods whisper as I slipped past the first white blaze. Sure you’re standing in the same spot, in the same scenic overlook, but you’ll never experience the same view. Reply. I thought after my 5 day break with a trip to Missouri and Nebraska I’d be rejuvenated. 9.2 mi 12.8. Winder staircases gradually change angle as they move towards the next floor, and three or four steps may be of an irregular shape to accommodate this change in angle. Parking can be found at the top of the Winding Stair Gap next to the Appalachian Trail, or to the north of the outcrop at a scenic overlook (Absher and McSween Jr., 1986). Chris said that his vestibule got wet but that his sleeping bag and pad stayed dry. I felt… At 2.6 miles the trail travels near 4339 foot Big Stamp. Siler Bald via Winding Stair Gap. Got the shuttle to Winding Stair gap driven by a guy named Ron Haven, who owns Baltimore Jacks, a local hostel, and who apparently once owned the Sapphire Inn. There has been vandalism to cars left here overnight. Lithologic units are composed of metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks, some of which are now migmatites. Winding Stair Gap is a physical feature (gap) in Macon County. 8 thoughts on “ AT – NC Wayah Bald to Winding Stair Gap ” Anonymous says: July 27, 2017 at 3:55 pm. Chris and Mike made it to Winding Stair Gap yesterday and hitched into Franklin, NC (Yep one state down) to buy some supplies, get a shower, eat some non camp food, and sleep in beds. 2.8 mi 4.9. Mike however got more wet than Chris did. 4.8 mi 6.1. From Rock Gap Shelter, it was only 3.8 miles to reach Winding Stair Gap, a spot that most hikers use to exit the trail and go into Franklin, N.C. This is a well traveled gravel forest service road heading north to Winding Stair Gap. It also has a separate parking spot and sidewalk for easy loading. The GPS coordinates are N35 07.184 W83 32.886 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle. It is NOT a good place to leave a vehicle overnight! Within the first 3 miles or so we hit Albert Mountain, a steep climb up with a fire tower that marks the first 100 miles, offering open views of mountains and some farms. N/A. The highway at Winding Stair Gap was busy enough that we had to watch carefully and move quickly before crossing the road to resume hiking northbound. Winding Stair Gap Suite. The road gets fairly steep as it approaches Winding Stair Gap. A magical, if a little messy, start to our traverse from Deep Gap to Winding Stair (then eventually the NOC). Today was the first time I had seen Dutchmen's Breeches. Sunset views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a view of our spring fed Big Spring Pond with small waterfall. USA ⭔ Southeastern United States Area; This page contains all mineral locality references listed on They had a big rain storm the night before and some of their gear got wet. Winding Stair Gap to Wayah Shelter - Strenuous 11 miles in 7 hours After a good night’s sleep at Sapphire Inn, we were ready to go again. Related terms: col, notch, pass, saddle, water gap, wind gap Land. Panther Top Lookout Tower. Description for from winding stair gap. This section of the AT begins at Winding Stair Gap where the trail leaves US 64. Unfortunately, our shuttle driver was not so ready. Hike to sunny 360° views from the summit of Siler Bald along the Appalachian Trail in the Nantahala National Forest. Once we got on the trail it started climbing out of the gap right away, but the ascent was not steep. Springer Mountain. We’ve definitely been taking it slower compared to our first week. The Talimena National Scenic Byway crosses the mountains from Talihina, Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas.It was designated in 2005 as a National Scenic Byway.The byway, which travels through the Ouachita National Forest, is often described as one of the prettiest drives in the country, situated along some of the highest peaks in the Winding Stair Mountains. There was a family providing some “trail magic” in the form of a hot cooked breakfast in the parking lot when we arrived. It was still a couple miles away. E2). At 3.7 miles reach the blue blazed loop trail that leads 0.5 miles to Siler Bald Shelter. Winding staircases are elegant and sweeping, but they do change the rules when it comes to measuring for carpet runners. Apr 3, 2018 - 14 May 2017 Winding Stair Gap to Cold Spring Shelter Miles AT – 125.3 Day – 15.8 Time – 9.5hr with 1hr break at Wayah Bald Speed – 1.66mph Tough tough day. Winding Stair Gap Gap. Day 1 - We started out at Winding Stair Gap and ended at Wayah Bald Shelter (MM 109.8 to 120.8). Day 2 - We left Wayah Bald and made our way to Wesser Bald Shelter (MM 120.8 to 131.4). 8.7 mi 12.3. It seemed that even since yesterday there were more wildflowers in bloom. Sam's Knob. Parking at Winding Stair Gap is limited so try and get there early. We walked over to McDonald’s for breakfast and got extra to eat later on the trail. The section from Burningtown Gap to Winding Stair Gap that traverses Siler Bald is one of those especially scenic bits and pieces. 3.4 mi 5.5. Andrews Bald. hahaha. Winding Stair Gap Road is a fun descent, for a forest road. I got everything back into my pack, grabbed a quick breakfast in the lobby, and sat and waited for the shuttle to arrive to take me back to Winding Stair Gab. Latitude, Longitude: 35.1217593°, -83.5443267° Elevation . Reply. Seriously, once you leave Blue Ridge Road FS-42, you probably don't have to pedal for the next three miles. As I said, we had started out at Winding Stair Gap, and our destination for the day was 11 miles north along the AT, at Wayah Shelter. Day 1, we hiked from Winding Stair Gap to Wayah Bald shelter. Siler Bald sits high on the crest of the Nantahala Mountains just west of Franklin, North Carolina and is easily driveable from Atlanta, Asheville, Knoxville, Greenville, and more. Rocky Bald via Tellico Gap. Sam's Knob Loop. I think it was exactly 11 miles. When the temperatures dip below freezing and enough water freezes up on Winding Stair Gap, the straight vertical cliffs of the cut through on US 64 become an ice climber’s paradise. March 27, 2017 ~ tryharder07. This was her first long distance backpack and she was visibly excited! Similar Hikes. 3615 ft. (1102 m.) Topographic Map. We were dropped off at Winding Stair Gap by Zen, the Gooder Grove Hostel owner, after making eggo waffles and turkey bacon with him. 2.3 mi 4. Wayah Bald via Burningtown Gap. Today was a perfect day for climbing and some folks came out to enjoy the icy conditions. The outcrop is approximately 10.5 miles south of the U.S. 64 and U.S.441 intersection near Franklin (fig. I was WRONG on all levels. 3.7 mi 9.1. Hello Kitty Gap! Average Review Rating. Love it! Top of Silver Bald, short hike off the trail We’ve passed a few South Bound hikers on the trail. A smaller parking area for about six cars is available where the AT crosses the road and heads back into the woods. After three nights in Franklin I was getting restless and I was ready to get back out on the trail. My pops dropped me off for the final time at Rock Gap near Franklin, NC. I was pretty tired and my Legs were sore, so it was a slow day with a little snow and cold winds. Description. At 2.1 miles the trail passes 4383 foot Panther Gap. The trail made an easy climb up a ridge, again through a burn area. Winding Stair Gap is situated southeast of Three Forks, close to Deerlick Gap. Yeah, there are still some big cats in the east…despite what anybody’s DNR might tell ya. It was yet another beautiful day. mrbream says: July 27, 2017 at 4:45 pm. GPS Coordinates. Macon County, North Carolina. Winding Stair Gap granulites: The thermal peak of Paleozoic metamorphism: in Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide: Southeastern Section, p. 257-260. Winding Stair Gap, Macon County, North Carolina. 6.3 mi 9.7. US Topo Map.