Psychologists have long identified the desire to feel connected to others as a basic human need with interpersonal relationships having a significant impact on mental health, health behavior, physical health, and mortality risk (Umberson & Montez, 2010). The Importance of Connection. Research has shown that having social connections is important for both physical and psychological well-being. Healing from PTSD requires connection to friends, family, and community, support from others who have experienced similar symptoms, and a strong therapeutic connection with a … A revealing sociological study showed that the modal number of close others (i.e., people with whom one feels comfortable sharing a personal problem) Americans claimed to have in 1985 was only three. Social media will enhance your life. It has helped me cope, but increasingly this has happened not just through allowing me to work more skilfully with my internal experience, but by expanding my capacity to be and stay in relationship with others. Ken Blanchard November 11, 2013. How to increase your emotional connection. 1. The Importance of Connecting With Others Who Live With Chronic Illness . Or a crotchety old man who believed he knew best. To many of us, this old proverb is particularly compelling. In this video I discuss the importance of social well being, social connections, social relationships and social interactions with other people. “The importance of staying safe has to be balanced with ... Others know that important milestones, religious holidays and other celebrations haven’t been the same for some time, and may continue to be affected. It’s not what you know but who you know. Posted Aug 21, 2011 Importance of Staying Connected Through Social Media. Human beings are social animals, and our relationships and connections with other people matter to us. The Importance of Staying Connected with Friends and Family Why, in today's world, distance doesn't equal disconnect . Whether you're new to the company and want to get the lay of the land or you're already established and have your sights set on a promotion , networking with your co-workers can be incredibly beneficial to your career … Olivia Pennelle. Making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of life, but in the college setting you are able to learn them in a safe and forgiving environment before having to face them in the real world. Praise others’ efforts. The recent college graduate has connections among family members, fellow graduates, professors and others encountered during their college experience. Somtehing as simple as a stranger on the other end of the line willing to listen. The other day I ran across an article by Jonathan Davis titled “The Opposite of Addiction is Connection”. Here are some key ways to increase your emotional connection with each other. Smile. ... family, education and pretty much whatever other topic you’d like. If our core human need is to connect with others, then the most important part of healing our emotional wounds is allowing ourselves to open up again. Many of us are stressed out with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. In a connection culture, however, people care about others and invest the time to develop healthy relationships, reaching out to help others in need rather than being indifferent to them. Making connections is just another way to describe learning how things are related to each other and how the physical world works. Opening up to a wider space of awareness and connection, via the practice of mindfulness, has made it a lot less claustrophobic in here. No matter which level of your career that you’re currently on, making (and using) connections is crucial. This is because social connections can also help you trust other people, being more open to their presence in your life and, thus, being able to trust them with your personal issues. What is the connection between physical pain and … Unfortunately, as we are learning this importance, we also seem to be losing touch with others with the advent of social media. David Glenn August 29, 2013. Without connections, there was nothing left to stop them from simply floating away. The advice given from your prospective networking connections can help you become familiar with what to do and what not to do when it comes to your potential career. Babies make connections from the minute they're born, like knowing that when they see a bottle it is feeding time. For example, a 2002 study of two-hundred and twenty-two students in the USA found that the happiest among the group had stronger social relationships than those who … Networks are about quality connections as they are about quantity of contacts. And social connection doesn’t necessarily mean physically being present with people in a literal sense, but someone’s subjective experience of feeling understood and connected to others. That’s something we all experience every day. While there is much value in connecting with people who work at other companies or in different fields, don't discount the importance of networking in the workplace. Build others up and truly value the contributions that they make. Despite its clear importance for health and survival, research shows that social connectedness is waning at an alarming rate in the US. Social Connections and The Importance of Workplace Relationships. On the other hand, when you break a critical social tie—here, in the case of getting divorced—it’s like suffering a $90,000 per year decrease in your income. Empathy allows people to build social connections with others. Writer and wellness advocate, Olivia Pennelle (Liv), ... and desperate loneliness) and this new sober life. Not knowing what is happening to your body. We may not like the fact that we are wired such that our well-being depends on our connections with others, but the facts are the facts. February 14. In our daily environments, which could be our jobs, schools, neighborhoods, or recreational spaces, we certainly meet a lot of people. The Science Behind Positive Relationships at Work. The Importance of Social Connection Right now, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the importance of social connections in our life. We said at the beginning that getting along with someone isn’t the same as connecting with them. Never stop talking: The most effective way to develop an emotional connection with your partner is by talking. And there's no reason you're unable to connect with absolutely anyone. 4/24/2018 ... What that usually means is that each person understands perfectly what the other person is saying, each can almost finish the other’s sentences, and there exists a … The Importance of Connecting With Others in Recovery. The Importance of Communication "Connections" with Others. Not being able to do what used to come easy. Keys to the Psychology of Connection. The science behind why we need other people around to be healthy and happy. Issue: We are forming fewer friendships than in the past. Those looking for deeper connections and friendships present themselves in such a way that invites others to engage in conversation with them. Smiling at another person is one of the simplest ways … On the other hand, low social support is linked to a number of health consequences, such as: * Depression. Yet it’s through your connections to other people that you find the biggest rewards. The Importance of Connecting With People. Deepen your relationships with friends, family, your partner, peers, and coworkers using these tips. However, the way you use connections as a beginner may look different than how you use them later on in […] I don’t think I’d be nearly six years sober without building connections with other people in recovery. We now live in a society in which we are more connected than ever before – faster internet connection on mobile phones and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Emotional intimacy makes a relationship fun, secure, and surprising. The level of power among your connections is dependent upon, both how you utilize the connections for mutual benefit and how you maintain and grow the connections. One thing has proved fundamental throughout years of happiness research – the importance of our connection with other people. When you talk to other people, share experiences and ideas, you will re-discover the state of happiness you had as a child. By understanding what people are thinking and feeling, people are able to respond appropriately in social situations. Author John Maxwell highlights the importance of listening with a story about two hunters who are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground, unconscious. Speak to an Intake Coordinator now. Loneliness has long been commonly associated with depression, and now research is backing this correlation up: a 2012 study of breast cancer patients found that those with fewer satisfying social connections experienced higher levels of depression, pain, and fatigue. In being seen and loved for who we are, how we think, and what we feel, we learn it’s okay to be as we are. One scale that experts use to determine a person’s subjective level of loneliness is the UCLA Loneliness Scale. Connections.” ― Eliza Maxwell, The Widow's Watcher This world was made for people to be loving and caring to each other in order to build and thrive the best possible communities. “Connections were what kept people tied to the world. In the process of restoring a connection with others, we can realize that we actually create a connection with ourselves. They always have a friendly smile on their face, look others in the eye, and never shrug someone off. I was so greatly impacted by my friend’s one blog post that I hoped by sharing my story I could provide connection to others out there who are sick and struggling. Several studies suggest that good relationships are associated with positive mental wellbeing. By Olivia Pennelle.