I find that at-home workout videos are especially great because I rarely feel like driving to a gym. See my results with before and after pictures from the Emi Wong Collarbone workout routine! I would also recommend BodyRock. So “suddenly”, I was 64kg and I was shook. Your email address will not be published. Each member of BlackPink has collar bones you can drink soup out of and shoulders that’ll cut you like a knife (90-degree shoulders). 27-apr-2018 - Esplora la bacheca "Emi Wong workout" di I su Pinterest. Working out with Emi Wong . Collarbones are all the rage thanks to K-Pop right now. I also like Emi Wong's BlackPink workout videos, but those are very short and more just for fun. I started my journey to collarbone perfection because of a video on TikTok talking about 90-degree shoulders. If you have time to netflix or do online shopping everyday, you definitely have time for a short workout. LSQ has already completed the 28 days full body hiit program, the 15 days abs & belly fat burn program twice each, the 15 days upper body and arms program once, and am currently at Day 12 of a brand new 28 days abs & belly challenge. So it’s not a coincidence they share similar physical features. This was LSQ’s New Year’s resolution made on 1 Jan – am proud to say that I’ve exceeded expectations, and if I can do it, you definitely can as well cos I’m just a regular fool trying to stay healthy and slim: Pro-tip: If you stumble upon older videos of Emi’s and find them hard to follow, look for newer videos made in late 2019 onwards, these videos are much clearer as Emi progressed in her career as a fitness YouTuber, and these videos have very clear demos of each exercise before they start. Didn’t I say weight plays a big role? Of course I’m not satisfied yet and will continue to work hard to eventually drop to 55kg ~a girl can dream! Based on previous (failed) experience, I had specific criteria: Youtube HIIT workouts. I have fewer excuses if I can just do it at home, so I stick to a regular workout schedule a lot better than if I had a gym membership. I’m just a regular person who tried out this challenge and wanted to … So for some people (like myself), it’s just not in their genes. For years, I avoided the difficult, research-backed truth that exercise alone … BUT if you actually do workout and are pretty fit, you will probably see no difference. Apparently, lots of college and high school students are doing this video in between class breaks in hopes of getting that sculpted collar bone. This is of course the biggest question, will you get those sharp collar bones from this workout by Emi Wong? So LSQ is 161cm and ballooned to 64kg…..basically not acceptable!!!!. Alternatively, you can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook where she shares the full program details like this: 28-DAY ABS & BELLY PROGRAM – FINALVideos playlist: https://bit.ly/28dayemiabsbellyplaylistOTHER WORKOUT PROGRAMS: https://beacons.ai/emiwong_. But especially the sports intent is a problem for many – especially because of the lockdown. If you didn’t know, prominent collarbones are all the rage right now in Korea, thanks to the global phenomenon known as BlackPink. 22 Tips to Make Sure Your Trip to Cuba is NOT a Disaster, 5 Places to See Beautiful Fall Foliage in the Washington DC Area, Where to Stay in the Maldives | Gili Lankanfushi, How to Travel Solo in Your 30s and 40s as a Woman. Visualizza altre idee su sano, bodybuilder, hiit. 14. Just recently, she posted another workout routine that aims to target the core and that pesky lower ab. I absolutely think that the 30min – 1hour spent on working out in the comfort of my own home everyday is a darn good price to pay to enjoy life and not grow fat. The main thing I can see is this false idea that you'll get crazy results in a short amount of time, but that's common for many programs. I used to weigh about 50-55kg for the majority of my adult working years until 3 years ago when I joined my current company and my lifestyle became super sedentary because I cab to and from work everyday. Emi Wong. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Emi does a great job with her program, but I want to help you understand it in more depth. Tag: Emi Wong Fitness Tips & Workouts, Fitness with Emi Wong, Tone & Trim 5 min Belly Fat Burning AB + CARDIO Home Workout (Results in 2 weeks) May 1, 2019 May 1, 2019 beautifulyou583. So yes they saw results because they had no muscle tone, to begin with. 15-DAY BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS USING EMI WONG'S AB & BELLY BURN WORKOUT PROGRAM 15天跟 EMI WONG 在家瘦身 + 練腹肌的前後對比成果! 01/13/2021 8:00 p.m. I know that’s not what you want to hear, you want a yes or no. In conclusion, try Emi’s workout if you want, but you are unlikely to see any difference. that you guys have asked me about for so long ! One of the most popular programs I receive questions about is Emi Wong’s 21 Day Leg Transformation. FROM EMI WONG'S WORKOUTS Emi Wong. [ad_1] I actually made this video long ago, but it took me courage to upload this video because i don’t like how my body looked. Then one day, I stumbled upon an Emi Wong 30 mins full body HIIT workout and was hooked. She is a fitness YouTuber based in Hong Kong who’s been around since 2017 and has since amassed close to 3mil subscribers because simply, she rocks, and also COVID – everyone’s suddenly into working out at home. Collarbones are all the rage thanks to K-Pop right now. All her workout rosters can be found on her Instagram, from 15-Day Upper Body to a 4-Week Full-Body Transform, there’s something for every need. Tagged cardio, Emi Wong, Fat Burning Ab Leave a comment. You may even think this video is a joke. FYI, I am not a fitness professional. See more ideas about Workout, Fitness body, Full body workout. Your email address will not be published. Every program is different, and it is important to make sure that your routine matches your personal fitness goals. I actually really like her, she’s super adorable and I can see why people love her!. Well, it may not seem like much and although I’m still considered hefty at 58.5kg, I’m much happier with my body now because clothes are no longer as tight, I can use the tighter buttons for adjustable pants, I’m confident enough to wear sleeveless tops again, and best part is! Required fields are marked *. I’m looking to write about cute workout clothes next :D. Your email address will not be published. After reading all the comments of people that saw results in 3 days, they also followed up saying they were sore from doing this. The Hong Kong fitness guru and #legend100 star has just released the first schedule of her new 28-Day Abs and Belly Program. Sounds like a win-win! First, they are all super skinny! It’s finally 2021! The short answer is it depends. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here is a review of Emi Wong’s 15 Day Ab Challenge. Considering that the whole collarbone thing is a Korean phenomenon, I’m sure the management team considered how they looked physically! Short of losing like 20 lbs I doubt any of the collarbone exercises will give you results. Fitness Youtuber Emi Wong’s workout review by LSQ. Click here for the Emi Wong Collarbone video I did. My collarbone BEFORE the Emi Wong Collarbone Video: My collarbone AFTER doing the Emi Wong Collarbone Workout on Youtube: It does give you a nice stretch though like I said it’s like a pre-workout warm-up! Many of the comments say they saw results in as little as 3 days! However, this workout is actually mostly a resistance training workout, not a cardio workout. Since Dec 2019, I’ve been diligently doing Emi’s workouts everyday and 9 months later, instead of birthing a baby, I’ve shed 5.5kg. This leads me to believe none of these people actually work out regularly! 594.8k Followers, 2 Following, 1,201 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from emi wong (@emiwong_) Hope you found my Emi Wong’s Workout Review useful! Lavender Farm in Virginia is in Full Bloom! 20 MIN VISIBLE ABS & CARDIO WORKOUT [15-Day Belly Fat Burn Program] Emi Wong 發布於 2020年04月24日12:33 ... BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS (-50LBS!) You can't ignore your diet. Required fields are marked *. From cardio to upper body toning, Chloe Ting has a workout plan for nearly every aspect of your fitness routine. The new year has arrived, the time of good intentions. I have a glass of wine (or 2) every night and help myself to snacks such as dark chocolate or wasabi peas anytime I want. Get Popular info Explaining Fitness Model Exercises, Fitness Discussed, Gym Mats, Tailor Made Workouts, and Is Plank Workout Effective, I TRIED DOING EMI WONG PLANK WORKOUT FOR A WEEK. If you didn’t know, prominent collarbones are all the rage right now in Korea, thanks to the global phenomenon known as BlackPink. I tried Emi Wong’s Collarbone workout for a week! Remember: Just do, don’t think, no excuses. Emi Wong’s workout programs have been all the rage this lockdown. I knew I had to do something FOR REAL. I know that I love my food and drinks too much to restrict myself, so am grateful to maintain my current weight without compromising on my quality of life. We decided to investigate whether this fitness guru is really worth all the hype. Happy New Year everyone! I did end up trying Emi Wong’s collar bone workout for a week just to see what the results would be. I eat and drink whatever I want, I absolutely do not watch my diet or calories at all! In this review, I go over my fitness goals, how I felt throughout the challenge, and my results. In conclusion, try Emi’s workout if you want, but you are unlikely to see any difference. A lot of people who have tried her challenge has seen results… Learn how your comment data is processed. So LSQ is 161cm and ballooned to 64kg…..basically not acceptable!!!!. And what Emi will say: “No Pain No Gain.”. You might also wonder then how each member of BlackPink has super sculpted collar bones? Resistance training is better for burning carbs, not fat. It is super easy to navigate her channel because you can search her neatly sorted playlists for targeted workouts (eg, arms & back, or thighs & booty, or abs & core, etc) or by duration (eg, 30-45mins workouts, or even 5-10mins!!). Genetics also plays a big role in what your collarbones look like! ITZ FINALLY HERE - ONE MONTH WORKOUT PLAN (FREE!) I tried Emi Wong’s Collarbone workout for a week! Promise No Spam...Hey I don't blog that much! I tried Emi Wong’s Collarbone workout for a week! Your email address will not be published. No offense to Emi! Boutique Fairs: The Gifting Edition 2019 – A preview, Can’t be expensive – I hate the thought of paying for a pricey monthly gym membership and only visiting the gym once a week—-or less T_T, Can’t be too far from home – The moment it rains / I see the bright sun, I lose all motivation to leave my house, Can’t involve any dance or coordination because I have 2 left feet. I actually scrolled through some of the comments to see what people were saying. 10 Best Youtube Fitness Channels To Get Results. Once in, click into the individual videos and expand the ‘info’ under the video where you will find direct links to each day’s workout videos. Well, once I started researching that, Emi Wong’s Collarbone video on Youtube popped up as a related video. I workout almost exclusively at home and definitely saw (and see) results. How to Make Cappuccino at Home without an Espresso machine THE BEST Cappuccino of Your Life, 10 Things to Do in Bangkok Thailand that are Totally Instagrammable, Fall Foliage Maryland 2020 The Ultimate Guide for Fall Color. Emi Wong THIGH BURN IN 30 DAYS 30 INNER & OUTER THIGH EXERCISES #EmiTransform 45 min Full Body Workout to BURN MAX CALORIES (Results in 2 Weeks) ~ Emi Link to Emi’s 28 days abs & belly program on her FB page RESULTS / Emi Wong’s workout review. Emi Wong is a Canadian fitness influencer who offers motivational videos, travel advice, and free exercise videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram page @emiwong_. If initially you find it tough to commit to a 2 week or 4 week program, just start on a 10min workout everyday – Emi has tons of beginner-friendly workouts that are idiot-proof and easy to follow. After completing Emi Wong’s 15 Day Ab Challenge, I decided to take on another fitness challenge: Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred Challenge.Chloe Ting is popular and has over 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her channel has tonsssss of HIIT-style home workouts that anyone can do at home / in hotel rooms / anywhere and most of them don’t require any equipment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Everyone is aware that Pamela Reif is … Apr 18, 2020 - Explore Mabel VMP's board "Workout - Emi Wong", followed by 455 people on Pinterest. Since Dec 2019, I’ve been diligently doing Emi’s workouts everyday and 9 months later, instead of birthing a baby, I’ve shed 5.5kg. by Victoria updated on January 6, 2021 January 6, 2021 Leave a Comment on 10 Best Youtube Fitness Channels To Get Results. Her title does give it away, she aptly titles her video “10 MIN EXERCISE & STRETCH FOR SHOULDERS, NECK & THE COLLARBONE AREA.”  It really is more of a stretch than anything else.