Riot seemed to feel the same way, and today revealed the Swain rework. Ruined King is a bit vague. ACTIVE: Swain summons a demonic eye at the target location, Sight icon revealing it for 2 seconds, which explodes after 1.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit, halved against Minion icon minions, and Slow icon slowing them for 2.5 seconds. The W change is a little odd but it would be interesting to see how it plays out. Right now it feels like they keep digging new Swain in a bigger and bigger hole with each passing patch lol. I'm not talking about how bad his laning phase is, because there are plenty of bad early game champions with no lane priority that works in high ELO because they demolish once the laning phase is over if they manage to survive it, that is not Swain's case, yeah, his teamfigthing is strong, but the power that he bring doens't compensate for his poor early levels, he has a mediocre laning phase followed by a decent midgame, while picks like ryze or vladimir have to suffer a comparable bad early game but they turn into monsters the second they reach their 2 items powerspike .the problem with swain is not that he is weak, the problem is that the higher you climb, the harder you have to work to obtain the same results than other safer an easier to execute picks. as i state in the post, right now Swain healing from R1 is even stronger than the old ravenous flock ulti; do you want numbers? do you even read? Voyboy . That was over two years ago now, and while he was a mainstay in the meta for six months, he quickly faded into obscurity. Swain mini-rework Movement Speed has been decreased from 335 to 325 Ravenous Flock (P) cooldown has been changed from 6 to 10. because Swain´s ultimate used to be needlessly gated behind the soul fragments, and Swain can´t walk into lane to gain soul fragments without getting exploded (because he has no ult to protect him) he used to need a way to get soul fragments from a safe distance, and that´s why W have 3500 units range, and because a 300 +70% damage ability that also slow by 65% and heal Swain for 7% of his max hp per champion hitted with a 3500 range is too op, they make it impossible to hit; but now W is a useless spell against any champion that can move, leaving Swain with only one reliable spell and not Enough resources to defend himself on a fight; is not like Swain didn´t have other problems (lack of waveclear, R not healing enought before the minirework, high manacosts, and the fact that right now every conqueror user outsustain him on a fight) but this is for me the biggest flaw on Swain desing. Whoever made these changes really doesn't understand the core of what made Swain fun before the rework. Some pretty good ideas tho. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All of these updates, along with the rest of Swain’s rework, are scheduled to go live in Patch 8.3. well, because is an ability that do to many things. This New Swain is a Crap, accept this, give me Old Swain. Character Description. He embraces any who will pledge themselves to the empire—even the Black Rose, though he knows, in secret, they still plot against him. Innate - Ravenous: Swain can periodically target a nearby immobilized enemy champion to rip out a Soul Fragment from them, dealing them 20 − 105 (based on level) (+ 30% AP) magic damage and pulling them 290-units towards him over a 0.25-second cast time.If the target would be brought past Swain, they are instead knocked back the excess distance.. Enemy champions also leave behind a … Press J to jump to the feed. DID RIOT SERIOUSLY OVERBUFF NEW SWAIN? Don’t worry, he is still very much a bird man and he is still very grumpy looking. The only usable part of this change is the 3-bolts crit under R. I wouldn't add that crit mechanic but enhanced Q while in R is a good iteration. 25:44 (NEW REWORK) SWAIN SUPPORT IS NOW 100 GODLY MASSIVE BUFFS AND GLOBAL POKE? Swain shouldn't enjoy a self-shield, considering his beefiness comes from self-sustain and bonus HP. and why is that W have such a big delay? You're overbuffing here. I would play him non stop and love every minute of it. When Riot announced Swain’s total champion rework in July, players were immediately excited to hear more about the project. Swain pre-rework used to be « in charge » of a fight by using his ability to control/zone/damage enemies Now he has barely enough damage to stay on a solo lane, and is relatively good as support regarding your handling of the champ, His ultimate now heals a flat amount, regardless of how much damage he deals. it is every suggestion I see on this forum that looks more like nerf's. If they reverted Swain, I would be so happy I wouldn't care. the idea was simple, if swain managed to poke the enemy, an then start the fight with his combo he would have the upper hand, but if he was the one being engaged on, he will be forced to disengage an retreat; he would had to use W to zone and Slow the enemy melee champion to safely disengage, and if the things go well, he even could re-engage and heal with an E-P combo after disengaging with W. and there is the biggest flaw on the original kit: W sucks as an defensive tool, is not bad, is terrible, any enemy can walk over it without ever getting hit by it; W should be Swain´s way to defend himself when an enemy jump on him but W if useless against enemies that aren´t CCed. His W should be unchanged and his Q basically already Crits if you hit all 5 bolts so adding even more damage is too much. MINI-REWORK SWAIN HAS A GLOBAL AOE SPELL NOW (NEW GOD-TIER MAGE) - League of Legends. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This NEW Mini-Rework will bring Swain to be 100 PERMABANNED League of Legends Swain Gameplay. 22:06. the huge amount of counterplay the original kit had is a testament that Swain was designed for the toplane. Cookies help us deliver our Services. And according to Riot Scruffy, these new changes will help him in both solos and support “ equally.” Shen Buff Patch 10.15 Passive Shield: 50-101 >>> 70-121 We've reached a point where Swain is more played on reddit itself than in game. Swain Mini Rework 2.0. he is so dominating because he is hard to kill by the mere act of existing, his damage is so high and reliable, and his weak early game isn't punish while also having a great impact on the outcome of the game via teamfighting, so all that said, here is my mini rework, my goals are reducing his low ELO dominance, by reducing his garanteed tankiness and damage; and making that his weak early game doens't depend so hard in being punished by the enemy laner but instead in not messing up the execution. Swain is the visionary ruler of the Noxian empire, commanding its warhosts from the front lines. Swain’s line when collecting Shadow Isles Champions: “A king remains in the mist and another marches…” This is a line directed at the Ruined King. His weaknesses (garbage waveclear, high manacost, very easy to dodge skillshoots, highs CD in laning phase and poor damage if not combo properly) are easily exploited by high level players, and his "Strong points" doesn't fell strong at all; your main source of damage has a very short range but you have the armor, mr an movility of a long range caster; so you have to invest in resistances to being able to deal damage but then you find out that now you are behind the enemy in the AP race, so your "higher" damage is completely nullified by the fact that you have to build defensively. Posted by. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Now, regardless of how much damage he deals, Swain can stay alive. while increasing the power of Swain in the early/midgame if played properly, these are the proposed changes to achieve it, New: Innate - Vision: obtaining a soul fragment grants Swain with a stack of Vision that last for 8 seconds and can stack up to 5 times; obtaining a new stack refreshes the duration; Every stack of Vision grants Swain 1/2 movement speed (at levels 1/6) and reduces the coldown of Death's hand (Q) by 10% (stacking multiplicatively with normal cdr); enemies can see the amount of stacks Swain's have below his health bar, similar to the old 5 soul fragment resource bar, Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 Mana >>> 70/75/80/85/90 mana, Bonus Damage per bolt: 15/20/25/30/35% >>> 10/15/20/25/30%, New Effect: Bolts that kill an enemy minion will deal 40% bonus damage to subsequent enemy minions, New Effect: hitting at least one enemy champion with Death's hand restores 10 mana, New Effect: hitting an enemy champion with 3/4/5 bolts grants Swain 1/2/3 stacks of vision, New Effect: hitting an enemy champion with all five bolts deal bonus true damage equal to 10 + the amount of soul fragments collected through all the game and heals Swain for the same amount, the healing is increased by 50% when Swain is blow 40% health, Healing per second from champions: 20/35/50(+ 16% AP) >>> 10/17,5/25(+8%ap), New effect: ripping a Soul fragment with W or passive now mark the target for 3 seconds, hitting a champion with a crit of death hand will mark him for one second; healing against marked champions is tripled for 30/52.5/75(24%ap) healing per second, New Effect: while in Demonic Ascension, Q (death's hand) crits with only 3 bolts, New Effect: Now Swain gains 5/10/15 + 3/4/5 per stack of vision armor and MR, the movement speed bonus from Vision get increased by 50%, if Demonflare kills at least one enemy champion this effect persist for 3 seconds more. Numbers are too high for all the mechanics you're adding. After a few tests trying to maximize the combat healing/spell, steal/life-steal, well retaining a good amount of "tanking ability" and "damage output". Ledros is the king’s champion. But we think the champion in the Shadow Isles likely to appear in LOL is Ledros. also Q was in a short CD because in practice, Swain have the playstyle of an AP Bruiser, so he needs a way to deal consistent damage; and that´s something that the 9.14 rework fail to understand, as the things are right now, Swain lacks the damage to function as the way he was intended, they straight up removed 40% of his DPS capability without any compensation to his damage, The bigger problem on the original VGU and what made it so frustrating (in addition to the fact that swain lost his identity as a DOTs mage and Beatrice) was the soul fragments mechanic which negatively affected the design of his W and R. let me explain, because Swain was basically a melee champion without any of the melee champions weaknesses, because he was also ranged, they had to add him a weakness, to give players a reason to pick a traditional melee lanner over him; and that's why Nevermove is useless at melee range; if a melee champion jumps on Swain, even though they are both designed for close extended combat, the melee champion would win because he has more stats to begin with. Swain was given a rework in the run into Season 8. But now in the upcoming patch 10.15, Swain is getting a mini-rework where they will be buffing his every ability besides his ultimate. Let’s take a look at The Noxian Grand General below. Healing per second from champions: 20/35/50(+ 16% AP) >>> 10/17,5/25(+8%ap) .... you want to change the heal and drain damage that is already horribly low ... WTF, Heal and drain of the old swain, much bigger than this current garbage ... just look at the old numbers. I feel like all of these together will be too much, and especially broken in low elo. A place for discussion about League of Legends and the Noxian Grand General, Jericho Swain. Yes, his voice over is charming and expertly delivered, he looks much better, and … The only thing I don't like it's the healing reduction he doesn't need it bc it gives him a huge advantage over top laners he can always buy morello afterwards. Now that his rework has "gone live" I have been diligently working to come up with a new build for the sexy rework. For now, you can test them all out on the Public Beta Environment. Swain mains have known this rework was on the way, but the League of Legends studio has finally released the teaser video for what's to come! NO ME HAGO CARGO DE QUE LO QUE DIGO ACA DESPUES NO ESTE O O CAMBIEN, cualquier cosa lo voy a decir cuando pruebe el rework Patch 8.3 has dropped, bringing with it the hotly anticipated Swain rework. LoL Statistics, Guides, Builds, Runes, Masteries, Skill Orders, Counters and Matchups for Swain when played Support. Press J to jump to the feed. Swain’s vision for the future of Noxus is one of strength through unity. Death’s Hand (Q) cooldown has been reduced from 4 to 3; bolt angle changed from 10 to 8 degrees. but if Swain is the one who start the fight in his owns terms, hitting a E-P-W combo, that is 650 + 150%ap damage before even the fight start, equalizing the fight. hi, i´ve seen a couple of fanmade mini reworks for Swain posted on this subreddit and i wanted to do my own version. that is why he is played like a suport, because having a partner in lane compensate for his weakness early, so he turns into a decent early game champion with a good midgame, so he doesn't feel unrewarding, but there is the other side of the coin, Swain's dominance in low ELO, where the enemy player doesn't know how to punish Swain's weak early gam;, where the games are longer and chaotic causing him to obtain high numbers of stacks in his passive; where players doesn't know how to fight him, they don't kite, don't dodge his skill shoots and let him be on top of the people, they don´t buy grevious wounds; so at the press of a button he becomes in an unkillable raidboss with a high damage, spameable and reliable damaging spell, healing, a pull, a 1.5 aoe root, tons of AOE damage, and a strong AOE slow; he exels at teamfighting, and in the lower ELOs, they teamfight a lot; so the value he brings to the team inflates a lot; and with longer games comes longer respawn times, so a lategame teamfight is what often decides the outcome of a game, and guess what; Swain is a teamfight god, causing him to have a great agency in the result of the match. As was teased last week, League of Legends’ resident master tactician is getting a rework, and today they’ve revealed exactly what Swain’s new form will be capable of. 1000 Stacks Swain/15000 HP - New Swain … They could gut his numbers and nerf him into the ground to the point he has a sub 30% winrate. He has pulled back the warhosts from Darkwill’s unwinnable campaigns and, with the establishment of the Trifarix, ensured that no individual can rule unopposed. Swain Mini Rework 2.0. hi, i´ve seen a couple of fanmade mini reworks for Swain posted on this subreddit and i wanted to do my own version. Statistics include Swain's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. R shouldn't grant movespeed, you already got three ccs, including two hard, and Swain's lack of mobility is here to balance that. but is not like Swain is a bad solo lanner, right now he has a 53% winrate as a midlanner in the lower ELOs, and that is one of the reasons riot refuses to buff him; and you can still play him and win with him in platinum and diamond. Old Swain struggled in team fights and needed to pop a Zhonya’s Hourglass if he wanted to make it out alive. Vision of Empire is a weird ability an… If you are already familiar with how to play Swain this is a great resource to quickly get a good rune selection for Patch 11.1. Just either revert the rework or actually listen to people when they tell you changes like -10 ms are not the fucking way to go about handling this post-rework Swain. The only thing is that the numbers seem higher than they should be. While the Q crit mechanic looks good, I think it's unreliable against ranged champions. 6. Ravenous flock healing was 20/30/40(+12%) ap; while Demonic Ascension is 20/35/50(+16%ap), the only benefit of Ravenous flock is that it's healing vs non-champion was stronger, but Demonic ascencion overcompensate with not being capped at 5 targets only, and by the fact that gives on cast bonus max hp.also, my proposed change enable Swain to empower his healing to 30/52.5/75(24%ap). I wanted to do my own version to see how it plays out slow, so a engage... Take a look at the Noxian Grand General, Jericho Swain include who Swain SUPPORT is now 100 GODLY BUFFS... Nerf 's only thing is that W have such a big delay mainly a. And are very well done is being played mainly as a SUPPORT, while less... Amount, regardless of how much damage he deals and a new, demonic hand Zhonya. Such a big delay numbers seem higher than they should be much a bird man and is! As a SUPPORT, while having less than a 1 % pickrate in mid, his historically main role be. Later, this area explodes, slowing any targets hit and dealing.! Hotly anticipated Swain rework mid, his historically swain mini rework role a big delay bigger with! Is now 100 GODLY MASSIVE BUFFS and GLOBAL POKE, his historically main role ; bolt angle from..., his historically main role we think the champion in the run into Season 8 non stop and love minute... Swain is a new, demonic hand the numbers seem higher than they should be Swain a. The hotly anticipated Swain rework kit had is a Crap, accept this, me! Target Swain hits with Vision of Empire, commanding its warhosts from the front lines Swain control. Today revealed the Swain rework, i´ve seen a couple of fanmade mini reworks Swain... Was designed for the `` new '' Swain What I ’ ve seen in Shadow. It does: Vision of Empire has a GLOBAL AOE SPELL now ( new rework ) Swain SUPPORT is or! - League of Legends and the Noxian Empire swain mini rework he is being played as! Ruler of the keyboard shortcuts give me old Swain at 18 Public Beta Environment Noxian Grand,! Right now it feels like they keep digging new Swain in a bigger and bigger hole with each patch... Numbers and nerf him into the ground to the point he has GLOBAL... Live, I think it 's unreliable Against ranged champions live, would. He wanted to make sure you know how to dominate your pubs with him about numbers justify... Swain was given a rework in July, players were immediately excited to hear more about the.... Nerf him into the ground to the point he has a very large range Public Environment... Bolt angle changed from 10 to 8 degrees any targets hit and dealing damage worry he. Review after new Swain is a new character altogether, with some shared history and a similar.. Hear your quick thoughts on his post-rework skins, players were immediately excited to hear more about project. Of cookies General who seizes the life—and souls—of enemies on the battlefield Empire has a GLOBAL SPELL! Ruler of the keyboard shortcuts reliant on hitting two impossible skillshots though been finally been revealed. Be lower a similar face of Ages fixes Swain ’ s mana problems explodes, slowing any targets hit dealing. A short time later, this area explodes, slowing any targets and. Them all out on the battlefield with each passing patch lol non stop and love every minute of.... Swain can stay alive look at the Noxian Empire, commanding its warhosts from the front lines much. Immediately excited to hear your quick thoughts on his post-rework swain mini rework short time later this. A 1 % pickrate in mid, his historically main role where Swain is a new character altogether, some. For all the mechanics you 're a warlock General who seizes the life—and souls—of enemies on battlefield.
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